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We first appraised self storage properties in 2004, and in 2010 we began to place a greater emphasis on this as a specialty propety. Since 2012, we have completed just over 110 self storage appraisals. Our experience has ranged from the traditional self storage facility to the investment grade deals to more sophisticated self storage properties with additional income streams from car washes to office/retail suites. Due to the volume of self storage appraisals we have completed, our self storage valuation group has accumulated a vast database of comparable data including sales and expenses and invaluable insight into the valutation and operation of this unique property.


The self storage valuation group has expanded its coverage into the Southeast US to include Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee. We have completed a 9-property portfolio in Alabama and a 13-property portfolio in Florida and Alabama. We have also completed a 10-property portfolio in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for a CMBS client and a second portfolio that included facilities in California, New Jersey, Arizona and Virginia. 

If you have questions about our Self-Storage practice, please contact Mike Green.

Mike Green, MAI

Senior Director


T- (813) 254-2885 ext 211

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